Awareness From Your Local Stucco Contractors

If it comes to exterior wall finishing, there are plenty of materials that you can choose from. But, if you own a home, one of your best options is the stucco exterior wall. We are saying this not just because we are one of the local stucco contractors in Miami, Florida. However, because stucco offers a wide range of benefits. In this article, we listed some of them.

It’s Long Lasting

Upon proper installation and regular maintenance, stucco on backer board can last up to 60 years. And during stucco on a concrete block can last up to 80 years. Meaning, if you choose for stucco, you will not need to refinish your exterior walls every now and then. So you can enjoy substantial savings in the long run.

It’s Highly Durable

Home stucco contracts and expands to adjust to a different temperature. Meaning if not easily create cracks even when it exposes to greatly high and low temperatures.

It needs minimal maintenance

If you have stucco walls you do not need a lot of maintenance you have an excellent seal. When the walls get soiled, you only need a garden hose to use for cleaning the dirt. When the stucco creates stains, you can make your walls stain-free again by using water and a stucco-friendly cleaner. You can call your local stucco contractors for more stucco maintenance tips.

It is fire Resistant

Commonly, stucco is made of sand, lime, and water- all of which have excellent fire retardant properties. Due to this, it must not come as a surprise that stucco walls can effectively repel fires. An inch layer stucco has a fire rating of an hour. That means that properly applied stucco walls can expose to fire for 60 minutes before they succumb to flames.


The above are just a few reasons to use stucco when finishing your exterior walls. Hence, if you are ready to start your new construction stucco project. You can call Miami Eifs your best stucco contractors in Miami. Thus, they offer affordable stucco repair Miami.

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